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 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Some links go to the same album! Is that intended?

A: I've been running this photoblog for a number of years. As such, some major journeys that I've done I've put in one folder years ago and it stayed that way. For example, when you click "Vladivostok" you'll be directed to the gallery of the entire Trans-Siberian journey that includes pictures from Vladivostok.

2. How do you fund your travels?

A: I've almost never been unemployed. Also, there are creative ways to save money and travel on student budget. This is what my blog is about.

3. How come your blog is still in development? When will you finish?

A: It's in development because I'm still traveling; I wish I had the time to complete it and hammer out the details. Also, I have 1990s HTML skills.

4. Do you use GPS or some smartphone apps?

A: Nearly all my travels I've done without the use of GPS. There are several reasons for this: I read maps pretty well and GPS, like any other piece of technology, can unreliable (batteries dying, signal issues, hard drive failure, failure due to humidity or temperature). However, there are some useful apps, if absolutely necessary. See "useful stuff" to the right for few suggestions.

5. Can I join you?

A: Shoot me an email, let's talk.

6. What do you take with you on major journeys?

A: Absolutely the bare minimum and paper (printed) maps.
 Useful Stuff

Excellent maps of Europe, online:

here maps

High-detail maps of Russia, online:
yandex maps

List of country-specific cartographic and map services, online:
→ see here

Satellite phone:

Download maps offline, decent navigation software:
here drive +

Stable, secure and open-source OS:

Stay somewhere for free:

Free accommodation, rides, shower, etc:

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